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The Organization

Since 2000 the Tega & Tula Special Coffee Farm Agro Industry PLC has been growing, processing and exporting some of the finest coffee in Ethiopia. Our vision is to produce high quality coffee on an environmentally sustainable, economically viable and community friendly farm.

We are one of the youngest coffee growing plantations in Ethiopia, using the most progressive farming and harvesting techniques to plant, produce and deliver the best coffee to domestic and foreign markets.

Our farm is located in the heart of Kaffa (Kaffa Zone Gembo Woreda), in the center of the natural forest area where Arabica Coffee originated. The company currently manages two coffee plantations, distributed in two adjacent areas with the same agro ecologies.

Coffee Tourism

Tega & Tula is also embarking a study to launch the first of its kind: coffee tourism with first class lodging and customer experience at the farm to meet its growing demand. The goal is to start the construction of the lodge in November 2015 and complete it within 18 months. We will keep you updated about the progression of the project on this page.

Highland Coffee Beans

The plantation produces on average 500 tons of coffee annually, which is grown at an altitude of 1700-2000 meters. Carefully grown and processed in the perfect coffee growing environment of Kaffa, over 80% of our coffee has been issued Q1 and Q2 certifications. This includes a variety of washed types, faire body, acidity and flavors (spicy, winey, mango) and a variation of beans with oval, oblong and pointed round edges.


Origin Based Coffee

At Tega & Tula farm we are dedicated to grow traditional, origin based coffee varieties, providing consistent flavorful coffee of the highest quality in Ethiopia and beyond.

  • Kaffa Forest Coffee Grade 1 & 2 (Washed)
  • Limu Grade 1 & 2 (Washed)
  • Kaffa Forest Coffee Grade 2 –5 (Sun Dried)


Certified Coffee Production

Following customers’ demand, the company has been supplying traceable, organic coffee certified by:

  • NOP (National Organic Program of the United States Department of Agriculture)
  • JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard of Organic Products)
  • EU Regulation on organic agriculture

Tega & Tula is also working on the Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) certification for the farm and nearby outgrowers. With these certifications, Tega & Tula is a leading commercial farm in Ethiopia meeting all international certification standards.


Quality Assurance / Processing

To craft our coffees to their best flavor potential, we solely use advanced, eco-friendly techniques to process our coffee. After the handpicked cherries pass the first phase of processing in the plantation, the coffee is transported to the central processing factory where the coffee is further modified and inspected for quality, with special focus on the shape and make of the beans, the color roasted and the liquor quality. Tega & Tula has an in-house processing facility at the farm, with two state of the art washing stations, drying beds and a warehouse storage facility.