The plantation produces washed, sun-dried, and specialty green Arabica Coffee, with the most known coffee origins and unique characteristics. Its flavor and aroma are categorized in line with the predominant growing ecologies. 

How we grow and produce our organic beans:

1. Forest shielded: we protect our beans by growing them in Ethiopia’s beautiful Kaffa forest

2. Handpicked: coffee beans are actually cherries, some of which are ripe, some are not. All the beans are handpicked my human beings, which results in only the best, ripe cherries being used for our coffee.

3. Washed:  after the cherries are being picked, we remove the pulp and set them in a fresh water bath. We leave them soaking for about 2 days.

4. Slow dried:  after being washed the beans are being naturally dried in the sun.

5. Slow roasted: Finally, the beans are roasted slowly, between 12-13 minutes.

We give great value to maintaining the rich biodiversity of the native Kaffa forest, because of which our farm supports a sustainable ecosystem for our coffee.